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New to River Cruising?

New to river cruising? Well so was I. I am not new to ocean cruising and I was so excited to take advantage of the opportunity to cruise on a river cruise. River cruising is all about the destinations. It is a great means to get to one city or region to another without the hassle of trains, buses and packing and unpacking. You literally just get on the ship and the cruise staff take care of the rest of the details. Sit back and relax!!

Unlike most ocean cruises, the ships are smaller and that is intentional. Most ships have capacities of less than 150 people. All cabins are mostly double occupancy and some cruise lines offer solo cabins as well. The cabins with a balcony have lovely views and are very spacious. Take your pick of which cabin is best suited for your needs and what is important to you. The cabins range from picture windows to large French balconies. One item to note on river cruises, you will not find casinos, large theaters and water slides. The space is utilized for lectures, leisure and enjoying the views.

Also, from the minute, you walk on the ship, you are treated as a an individual rather than a number. The crew members take the time to get to know you personally and that is also intentional. Everyone is English speaking and very service oriented. They pride themselves on this!

The food and beverage are very plentiful and many options to choose from on the menus. The menus are usually catered to the different regions that you are visiting. The wines are carefully selected that will make as perfect pairings to the impeccable prepared meals.

The guests on the ships are those who are interested in the experience and learning the local culture and history of different parts of the world. It is great because you meet people from all walks of life and you make lifelong friends.

Stay turned for details as far as port experiences, services and other great tips as far as exploring the world through river cruising.

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