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Welcome future travelers!


I have had the good fortune of traveling around this great world we live in.  My personal travels have taken me to Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Canada and of course across the good ole USA. The means of travel have been by cruising, air, rail and a little of bit of everything in between.  I consider myself a very savvy and budget conscious travel planner who is not afraid to venture outside of the box.


I have traveled extensively but the most memorable trip was just recently when my husband and I traveled to Italy. We began our adventure in the wine country of Tuscany, then onto the romantic Venice, Rome and then experienced the rich culture of Florence.  My hope for you is at some point that you get to enjoy these same experiences as I can't wait to go back!!

I have worked in the travel industry booking corporate travel for approximately 10 years or so and I have always planned and booked all my personal travel.  This includes planning for my family, friends, and local non profits.  I have enjoyed this so much and want to help you plan that perfect vacation.  


One of my greatest joys is hearing a client say that they had the best time and could not done it without me!! 



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Hello Friend!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at what we have to offer here at Dock 10 Travel. Karen started this Agency in 2015. I have been helping in the background (IT and her biggest fan) but recently we decided to make it official.  We were doing so much travel that we started to have friends and family asking to come along or book them a unique trip. Travel is our passion and combining it with great Customer Service is our goal. 


Like Karen, I too have travel extensively (yes she brings me back each time). I have been fortunate in my lifetime to travel to 4 of the 7 Continents. My first experience out of the country was Desert Storm where I got to see Saudi, Kuwait, and Iraq. Serving our country is when I started to appreciate where I have come from and just as important, where I want to go. After the Army, through my career and personal travel, I have been to 39 states, 8 countries in Europe, (River cruising in the South of France is one of my favorites), all across the Caribbean, Brazil, India (for 3 months),  China, and Japan.

I find as I travel, I can truly appreciate what that destination has to offer. Whether its a new friend I met in India (later he has stayed with me and my family in Georgia) or trying to get on the OVERLY crowded Subway in Tokyo during rush hour, its the memories you make and stories you bring back that make traveling your unique experience. Enough about me, let me know how I can help you with your travel needs.  



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Hello there!


One of my favorite things to do is to explore new places and experience new cultures.  I’ve been very fortunate to travel all around the USA, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean, with Cannes, France being my favorite thus far. Not only am I a travel adviser, but also a teacher and a mom of two. Life can definitely be crazy some times, but relaxing and visiting new places is high on my list. I love to find the best deals and help others save money. I can’t wait to help you plan your next adventure

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