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Is Wonder of the Seas Cruise Ship Really Wonderous?

David and I had the opportunity to do a ship inspection recently on the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas. It was a great and unique experience. What is a ship inspection? This is when a cruise line will allow travel agents to board the ship while it is in port so we can see first hand all the wonderful spaces and options that they offer to their guests. So while we blitz the ship in less than 2 hours we did see some pretty remarkable things. I would like to share those with you.

Wonder of the Seas is the biggest ship in the world!! It is the latest ship to join their Oasis Class. It includes the new Suite Neighborhood. The Oasis class ships includes the stunning Central Park which is a serene and beautiful place to walk through and also will see some of the fine dining options it has to offer. Imagine this area lit up a night with soft music. I know that is where I would like to hang out!!

Now let's move on to the Promenade!! This reminded me of a high-end mini mall but it is more than that!! That is where you will find lots of great bars and entertainment. It has the Bionic Bar, the Pub and the famous Pizza place!! There is great shopping where you can find that special duty free gift either for yourself or a special someone . You will see lots of people here of all ages in the evening! So Let's get the party started!!

While that is all good, let's move on to the outside where all the action is!! The ship has many pools for both young and old with lots of seating for enjoying the sea days and more!! The Abyss slide, the kid's area, the pools and the sports corner has so much to offer for everyone. I don't know what to do first!!

I know people have said that when you are on a large ship you have masses of people. Well we didn't feel that way even in on Embarkation day because that is where you feel the masses of people because the elevator banks are normally full along with many of the main public spaces. I honestly didn't feel that. Why you say? Because we seldom had to wait for an elevator nor did we have to wait in lines at the Windjammer buffet. It is very well thoughtfully laid out. For instance, there are two distinct sides to the Windjammer. So plenty of seating and no crowds. I love that! By the way, who doesn't love a good dessert?

So a great spot that we found was the Solarium which is open only to 16+ guests. It was beautiful and serene and well laid out. Such a great spot to enjoy a book, relax, and also enjoy the sounds of the seas while cruising at sea. It has plenty of large hot tubs with sea views and several bars nearby. This is where you will find me!!

I am going to wrap this up as I could go on and on. But believe me when I tell you that this is an excellent cruise option for anyone including those who will be sailing with both the young and the older. I encourage you to look at the many different itineraries and ask a professional to help you sort through what will work best for you.

Contact an expert at Dock 10 Travel to help you with that!!

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