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Land Destinations


Land Destination are a great way to immerse yourself in the destination a little deeper than a cruise. 

Whether you're interested in History, Culture, Cuisine, or Wine.

Land Destinations help you

expand your horizons.  


You can stay at one location,

take day trips, or travel to various amazing places in different countries. Self guided or on a tour, you are sure to learn a lot about your destination and maybe even a little about yourself. 

You know what you are looking for,

Dock 10 knows how to find it.



Cruises can be as diverse as their destinations. You can take a peaceful river cruise exploring ports yourself or on guided tours.



You can go on a European Cruise to try to take in all the history, Cuisine, and Culture.


Last but not least, 


You can go on a Caribbean where you relax on different beaches when you come to port




do an excursion that is informative and relaxing or action packed. 


One last thought! You can cruise your way to better weather. Ever go on vacation and the weather was bad? Cruises increase your chances for better weather. 

Destinations Trips
 (Romance or Niche) 

Destinations trips are a great way to combine your group's special day or interest with all the destination has to offer. 


Dock 10 helps you

find the destination that meets all of your requirements. Whether it's a large group or just the two of you, Dock 10 Travel makes sure you just can focus on your special day. 


For Larger groups,

Dock 10 Travel can  go one step further and help create a special web page to share with your group where they can find out about the event, the destination, and travel details.  

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