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Destination Wedding

Location Location Location

You've heard it all your life.

A Destination Wedding is all about the location.


There are so many resorts to choose from but how do you know which is the right one? 


Let Dock 10 Travel help you. We have special relationships with the Top Resorts. 

Cruise Wedding

Want a Destination wedding at a great Value?


Cruise Weddings are one of the best values out there.


Dock 10 Travel LLC can help manage the details with you and any loved ones that want to come along for that special day.  



Here are some of the benefits to a Destination Wedding

Dollar Bills

The Best Value

More Bang for your buck with Extra perks

Destination weddings are more affordable when compared with the Traditional weddings. The average couple saves more than $2,200 when they choose to travel for their big day.  Even more if you have plan on having a large crowd. Some destinations will  offer  free perks depending on the size of the Wedding party and how long they stay on property.

Let Dock 10 Travel help you navigate through the decisions that works best for you.  

Bride and Groom on Beach

Worry free

Leave the stress at home

Destination Weddings have a  team of pre-travel planners.  “Unlike your traditional couple who may have to speak to a florist, an entertainer and a photographer, a wedding venue, and a someone to officiate the wedding.

Destination Weddings make it a one-stop shop,”  You will work with Dock 10 Travel to choose the perfect destination to meet your needs, then work with a wedding planner at that destination to have the wedding of your dreams.  Instead of stressing about centerpieces and marriage licenses, you can focus on more important things, like your guests (or your tan).

Wedding Couple

Extended Celebration

Get a few days — not a few hours — with your guests

One reason destination weddings are popular is because they allow the bride and groom more opportunity to truly interact with their guests over a longer event.” Indeed, quality time is a lot more doable — especially when everybody stays at the same resort.

Just Married

Everyone is a VIP

Get a few days — not a few hours — with your guests

Destination weddings are usually intimate, meaning less obligatory invites and more must-have loved ones. The average number of guests are one third of a traditional wedding. this allows the couple to interact more with the guests attending. You can still have a Wedding  celebration with those who couldn't attend when you get back home.  

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