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Want to Learn more about River Cruising!

Thinking about a River Cruise? Looking for an exclusive travel experience?  The Experience  intimate and very different from ocean cruising. 


When River Cruising your ship will dock in the center of cities that have been there for hundreds of years and rich in history and culture. River Cruising also offers more of an intimate experience on-board that immerses you in the local culture as you traverse down the river. When your port, there are small guided tours by local experts  included in your experience that will help you feel more connected with the destination. You'll also have some free time at each destination where you can shop or even take a bike ride through the city or along the river.   


There are many destinations but did you know there are many brands for River Cruising? Just like ocean cruising, River Cruise brands are tailored with you in mind BUT how do you know which River Cruise line is best for you?  Which ship has the best amenities, or the best itineraries or the best value for River Cruising?  Sure, you probably have read a few reviews online and yes you have seen some of the River Cruise commercials. We understand that choosing the right River Cruise brand and destination can be a bit daunting. That is where Dock 10 Travel comes into the River Cruising picture. We have the experience to share and are here to help to you find the best brand and destination for you. 

 If you are reading this, you must be curious about River Cruising.  If you want to try a River Cruise but prefer to stay in closer to home, there are brands in the US where you can see the Mississippi or ride the along the Snake river?

Contact Dock 10 Travel today to assist with your questions on River Cruises! 

Which River Cruise company is the best?

“Best” like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  What do we mean?  You need to decide what's most important to you!  Sure you can read articles and look at lists, but travel is personal. You can call the various cruise lines direct, but they want you to book with their brand. If you ask around, you'll find some people love one company then you talk to someone else and they are just as passionate about another company. The good thing about using Dock 10 Travel is we are not loyal to any brand. Our loyalty is with you the client. 


Here’s a few things we discuss with our clients when they  considering which River Cruise company:

The Ship:  It’s the core of the experience.  Many different River Cruise Lines have different ships and some are even geared towards the destination.  Some of the questions to ask would be how long has the ship been out?  What makes this ship different from the other cruise lines?  When was it last brought in for refurbishment?

The Culinary Experience:  One of the reasons we travel is to experience new things.  Food is the best way to immerse yourself in a culture.  Will the food choices be geared towards the destinations?

The Staff:   If you done any cruising before you know how the staff can make the experience. 


The Value  Ultimately, most travelers want to feel they got what they paid for.  Was the trip expensive but worth it?  Did it meet your expectations? 


Here are some of the best River Cruise lines that we feel have demonstrated that they value your business and make this experience unforgettable: 

  1. Viking River Cruises        

  2. Tauck River Cruises         

  3. Ama River Cruises       

  4. Scenic Luxury Cruises      

  5. Avalon Waterways           

  6.  Riviera River Cruises      

Contact Dock 10 Travel today to assist with your next vacation and explore the world together!! 

What is the best River Cruise itinerary for you?

Once again, we need you to answer that question for yourself.  


We’ll just provide some guidance by exploring what type of travel interests you. 

  • Are you a history buff?  Have you been dreaming of floating down the Rhine to see Cologne’s famous cathedral or see the medieval Muiderslot Castle?

  • Are you a foodie?  Do you want to experience the culinary greatness of a particular region or country or participate in a live cooking demonstration with a renowned Chef? Maybe you’d like to do an excursion with a Chef to a local market or restaurant.  


  • Are you a wine connoisseur?  Does the idea of drifting down the wine producing regions in France and Germany get your juices flowing? You can visit the vineyards, indulge in tastings, and learn from the winemakers themselves.

Contact Dock 10 Travel today to assist with your next vacation and explore the world together!!   

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